Friday, 18 April 2014

Fat Woman and the whirly birds

Fat Woman went to shoot helice. Fat Woman had no idea how hard helice would be but expected it to be pretty hard as she is utterly rubbish at DTL and didn't hit very many when she tried Olympic Trap (OT). Actually, Fat Woman is better at Olympic Trap than she is at DTL, which isn't saying much but certainly makes her think she's missing a trick and should get a lesson on how to shoot DTL.

Fat Woman loved helice. The little whirly helicopter birds  were nowhere near as fast as Fat Woman expected them to be. Fat Woman scored 7 ex 10, with two of her misses being counted as such because the white part you shoot out of the helicopter holder didn't land inside the boundary line. Fat Woman learned to be a bit faster!

What Fat Woman found was that the little bit of instruction she had at OT helped immeasurably with helice. Fat Woman might have finally cracked on to how you focus behind the birds and the react instinctively in a trap situation. Fat Woman would go and work on this except Shooting Coach says to stick to one discipline lest you get confused. Still, it was fun to have a go.

Then Fat Woman had another five shots in a row and missed them all, showing that trap is definitely a head game.