Who's Who in the world of Fat Woman Fit

Fat Woman

Fat Woman is exactly that, a fat woman. There is more than that to Fat Woman in real life, but that's all you need to know to understand Fat Woman Fit. 

Fat Woman gained a stone (14lb) every year of her life thanks to an under-active thyroid. At 25 years old and 25 stone (350lb) Fat Woman was diagnosed, started receiving treatment and stopped gaining weight. At 30 years old thanks to a stressful job situation Fat Woman put on another stone to get to 363lb. Fat Woman started working for herself in 2007 and lost 70lb, only to put nearly all of it back on when her mother developed cancer the following year. By the end of 2011 Fat Woman had terrible Repetitive Strain Injury from computer work, had hurt her back swimming and was a heartbeat away from accepting weight loss surgery on the NHS. Then Fat Woman met Personal Trainer. The rest is on the blog.

Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer is Fat Woman's personal trainer. When Personal Trainer first recruited Fat Woman he was a pretty little 20 year old with a good line in chat. Luckily for Fat Woman it turned out that Personal Trainer is outstandingly good at his job, as well as bright and funny and patient with Fat Woman. Most importantly, he gets Fat Woman's sense of humour. Fat Woman is now in her second year of training with Personal Trainer, plays sport for fun and drinks protein shakes without whining (too much). Fat Woman thinks this says more about Personal Trainer than it does her.

Swimming Coach

Swimming Coach is a personal trainer who happens to be very knowledgeable about swimming. Fat Woman was referred to him six months before she got a personal trainer for swimming coaching, but was scared off by the talk of commitment. When Fat Woman made the decision to recruit a personal trainer she tried to contact Swimming Coach but they didn't connect until ten minutes after she had hired Personal Trainer. Swimming Coach never really got over this. Fat Woman had swimming coaching sessions once a month and used Swimming Coach as a stand-in for Personal Trainer until Swimming Coach threw his toys out of his pram because Fat Woman dared to work with someone else.


Sparky is a cheerful, cheeky chappy who recruited Personal Trainer to the gym where Sparky is a personal trainer. Fat Woman likes Sparky, although he does have a gift for saying things that make her feel self-concious.  

Thin  Husband

Thin Husband is Fat Woman's husband. Thin Husband is everything you could want in a husband, including supportive, understanding and patient when he finds that Fat Woman has filled the living room with sports equipment or covered the kitchen in protein powder. Thin Husband does no exercise and yet remains the same size he was at school.

Fat Woman's Friends

Not Thin Friend

Not Thin Friend used to exercise with Fat Woman. Not Thin Friend is not thin but has been overweight. Not Thin Friend understands what it is like to be a fat woman.

Tiny Friend 

Tiny Friend is the best gym buddy Fat Woman has ever had. Tiny Friend came to boxing class with Fat Woman every week for months. Tiny Friend started training with Personal Trainer, until Personal Trainer moved gyms. Personal Trainer agreed to provide group PT in their village for Tiny Friend and Fat Woman because he likes Tiny Friend. 

Nurse Friend

Nurse Friend runs with Tiny Friend and trains with Swimming Coach. Finding that both Fat Woman and Tiny Friend love boxing with Personal Trainer, Nurse Friend was persuaded to try it. Nurse Friend is a convert to both boxing and Personal Trainer.


  1. he he very funny. i can so relate. i am fat with a thin loving guy.