Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Fat Woman and the unexpected contact

Personal Trainer had gone on holiday. Fat Woman was having a lovely time without Personal Trainer, sleeping in for an extra hour on Monday, eating carbohydrates at breakfast time and training late in the day. Fat Woman went to BoxFit class on Tuesday and had a reasonable time even though she was 25 minutes late because of unusually bad traffic (she wasn't the only one). The replacement class leader was cheerful and positive and had a nice enough manner, although Fat Woman thought it was a bit odd that he got someone to do pad work with him when there were even numbers, thus leaving someone punching a bag rather than working with partner. However, Fat Woman was aware that no one can do BoxFit classes like Personal Trainer so she let it slide.

Fat Woman went to the second BoxFit class of the week. This class was two-thirds filled with people Fat Woman had never seen before. Fat Woman thought this was a good thing; more people means more chance of Fat Woman working with someone who can keep up with her.

Replacement Class Leader got the class doing the same game as a warm up exercise that he did on Tuesday. The aim of the game is to tap the knee of your opponent. The theory is that you will get your heart rate up because you will be moving around a lot. Fat Woman isn't particularly quick at moving, but she plays this game with her Escrima teacher, Cal, who has no compunctions about actually hitting Fat Woman in order to teach her something if Fat Woman doesn't get out of the way or defend herself properly. Fat Woman found that instead of being massively outclassed as she usually is by Cal, she was quite aggressive compared to most people in BoxFit. Fat Woman was comfortable defending herself and would knock an opponent's hands off course when they tried to hit her. Most people were right handed, so by using her left hand to defend herself against an opponent's strike, Fat Woman could usually follow up by tapping her opponent's left knee with her right hand. Fat Woman was so enthusiastic in the early stages of the game that she landed herself on the floor before she even got hit, although the only thing hurt was her pride.

Fat Woman found herself facing a gentleman to whom she had not been introduced. Fat Woman noticed that the gentleman was free-spirited looking compared to the rest of the male gym goers. Most male gym goers at Fat Woman's gym have short hair, are clean shaven and wear shorts. This gentleman had long flowing locks of hair, a new age kind of goatee beard and loose linen trousers. The gentleman was obviously reasonably fit as he kept performing a movement that Fat Woman can only liken to a deep, deep lunge. The gentleman could lunge forwards, backwards and sideways and demonstrated this with enthusiasm.

Fat Woman thinks that if you are going to be performing deep, deep lunges whilst wearing loose, loose trousers during a martial arts exercise where a fat woman with limited capacity for movement is making wild swipes around your knees then you should be wearing underwear. Tight, form-fitting supportive underwear.

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