Saturday, 2 August 2014

Fat Woman and the bans

Fat Woman is in a massive sulk. First, Personal Trainer stopped Fat Woman from dead lifting anything over 50kg. 50kg is about half what Fat Woman used to be able to lift. Fat Woman was just about to go for her 100kg lift when she got pregnant. Fat Woman didn't make too much fuss because Personal Trainer can exhaust her using much lighter weights, but as the weeks have gone on the weights have got lighter and lighter. Fat Woman thinks Personal Trainer is being a little pre-emptive about the weight reduction and really resents dead lifting the kind of weights she used to clean and press. Of course, by not lifting heavy weights for weeks on end Fat Woman has probably lost the ability to lift them anyway.

Then Personal Trainer said no more sit ups. Fat Woman hadn't got a problem with this because sit ups are one of those exercises that don't really do you much good because it's too easy to engage your hip flexors and not really do any work. Fat Woman remembers her first BoxFit class when she could manage five sit ups and felt like she'd given birth two days later. Fat Woman would sneak off on Tuesdays fora  45 minute ab work session because she wanted to keep up with the class. Personal Trainer didn't find out for several months as he was never around the gym on Tuesday afternoons. Currently Fat Woman wouldn't want to do a sit up as she has this weird lump in the way, or Small Baby on Board. but all the other mat work has disappeared from her routine too.

Next Personal Trainer banned Fat Woman from BoxFit class. At first it was a gentle ban that Fat Woman didn't notice because she was too tired to go to class anyway. Then, when Fat Woman was feeling better it became a solid ban, as in "No more boxing class". Fat Woman tried arguing that surely pad work would be fine during the second trimester because it's lots of arm movement and not too much ab work but Personal Trainer said there was no point in her not using her abs properly when boxing because it would under everything he'd taught her.

The latest ban Fat Woman has is from rowing. Fat Woman has always like rowing, it being one of the few forms of gym-based cardio that doesn't bore her rigid. Fat Woman didn't even get the chance to try out rowing with bump on board before the ban came down.

Personal Trainer says that Fat Woman can spend as much time on the treadmill as she likes. Or on the stationary bike. Or on the cross trainer, although Small Baby doesn't really like that. Fat Woman hates the treadmill so much - it makes her feel like she's in prison - that Personal Trainer has introduced walks into the countryside as a replacement for her previously hard core Friday cardio. Fat Woman doesn't mind this if it isn't too hot outside. The reservoir near the gym is quite pretty and she got away with eating quite a lot of blackberries during last week's session.

Fat Woman is not sure that blackberrying itself will be regarded as effective cardio.

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