Thursday, 26 January 2012

Fat Woman talks about herself

Fat Woman is fat. Really fat. Not "Ooh, you're a bit chubby" fat or even "Good gracious! You've piled on the pounds" fat but really, really fat. Fat Woman is so fat that she doesn't know anyone who is anywhere near as fat as her. In fact, Fat Woman is possibly the fattest woman in England. Besides people who get featured in the newspapers, of course.

The thing is that Fat Woman doesn't really mind being fat. Fat Woman has always been fat, ever since she can remember. Being fat as an adult is so much easier than being a fat child.  Fat Girl was the fattest girl she knew all the time she was growing up and was lucky that her parents loved her and her mother understood and that she had the confidence to do things and make friends. Still, Fat Girl being fat was a problem for a lot of people. Some of the people who didn't have a problem with Fat Girl being fat had an issue when other people took issue, but for Fat Girl and now Fat Woman being fat is only a problem when it's a problem for other people.

Now Fat Woman is in her 30s lots of people are much fatter. She is still the fattest person she knows, but she has seen some fatter people on the streets. Fat Woman has a wonderful husband, friends, lovely family, and everything else she wants. Fat Woman buys lovely clothes and shoes that fit her, travels, works and has fun. Being fat only affects how other people see you -up to a point.

As Fat Woman got older she got unfit. With a horrible job her weight hit 360lb. Fat Woman went on a calorie controlled diet and lost 70lb. Thyroid issues and cancer of a loved one derailed Fat Woman's weight loss, until Fat Woman had regained more than half the weight. Now Fat Woman is back in pursuit of fitness and health. Weight loss may come with that, but fitness is the goal.

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