Thursday, 14 March 2013

Fat Woman and the disappearing obstacle

Fat Woman has had trouble with her knees for ages, particularly the left one. In fact, Fat Woman's one rule of the gym, apart from "show no flesh" and "a personal trainer who flirts with you is after one thing - your money", is that she won't do anything that involves putting all her weight on one leg and hoiking the rest of her vast bulk after it.

This week Fat Woman had the most amazing session in the world because her knees didn't hurt one bit. No sharp pain from her patella tendon, no grinding noises from her cartilage, no twanging muscles. It was such a huge relief for Fat Woman to be able to do a squat with perfect form. It was also a relief for Fat Woman to know that Personal Trainer could see a clear difference between when she hurts and when she doesn't.

Fat Woman isn't sure how long this pain-free state is going to last so she doesn't want to celebrate too loudly or too long but she is counting up all the money spent on Osteopath and Glucosamine-Chronditin and all the time spent wearing sensible shoes and stretching and worrying about how to put her feet down without hurting herself more and is considering it well spent.

Fat Woman was tempted to run off and try the elliptical machines or a spin class but is holding back until she knows if this is just a flash in the pan. All that needs to be fixed now is Fat Woman's painful foot. This has been going on since August and Osteopath has told Fat Woman to go through the pain and it will get better. Fat Woman has pledged that if Osteopath has actually fixed it so she will get to be pain-free she will start the "Couch to 5k" programme. When Fat Woman told Personal Trainer this he asked if he had heard correctly, that Fat Woman wanted to do a 5k run. Fat Woman assured Personal Trainer that he hadn't heard correctly but that she was considering doing the part of "Couch to 5k" that came after the couch.


  1. Ouh! I've got an app for that, but as of yet, have been too scared to open it!!!! One day .. maybe!

  2. I haven't done anything yet. Maybe when it's warmer... brr!