Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Fat Woman and the sweetest gift of all

Fat Woman has a pretty good relationship with Personal Trainer. As well as their working relationship Personal Trainer and Fat Woman occasionally have coffee together and on special occasions go and shoot clay pigeons. In fact, it was Personal Trainer who took Fat Woman shooting after her initial shotgun skills course and later taught her how to shoot a driven bird. When Fat Woman isn't looking on Personal Trainer as her own personal SS torturer, she regards him as an extra nephew to spoil with cake and little gifts from holiday. Personal Trainer resents any suggestion that he is a child, up until there is a present or something good to eat on offer.

Personal Trainer likes food. Fat Woman found that Personal Trainer was a great tester for any kind of project, especially cake. Personal Trainer is inordinately fond of chocolate cake. Just before Personal Trainer had his 21st birthday he expressed a wish for a giant chocolate cake like the one Bruce Bogtrotter eats in Matilda. As Fat Woman is sentimental about milestone birthdays she provided what is known as the Ultimate Chocolate Cake, a chocolate sponge layered and covered with chocolate ganache. Fat Woman even decorated the cake and added a candle The following year all Personal Trainer wished for was the same thing again. It had to be made with 74% dark chocolate, not the 60% that Fat Woman personally prefers, and it had to be made in well advance as the cake reaches perfect four days after baking. Personal Trainer claims that the only sweet thing he has eaten that is better than the Ultimate Chocolate Cake is Fat Woman's banoffee pie.

Fat Woman is about to retire from cake provision for Personal Trainer has taken up baking. Fat Woman smiles at Personal Trainer's comments on how much it costs to produce a batch of brownies. Fat Woman has been hearing tales of Personal Trainer's baking disasters (a tablespoon each of bicarbonate of soda and baking powder make a mess of your oven floor), his purchases (a blender with a whisk attachment) and has seen pictures of his successes. The most impressive success so far was Personal Trainer's chocolate cake. Fat Woman received a picture of an impeccably glossy chocolate cake topped nearly with chocolate squares. Fat Woman sent back compliments and good wishes that the cake be as impressive as it looked.

On Monday after training Fat Woman's personal trainer presented her with an enormous piece of chocolate cake and encouraged her to eat it straight away. Personal Trainer even facilitated this happening by presenting Fat Woman with a fork.

Fat Woman has the best personal trainer in the whole world.

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