Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Fat Woman and the amazing combination

Fat Woman was padding away in BoxFit class. Personal Trainer has finally got around to starting a BoxFit class at his new gym. Fat Woman has been waiting an entire year for this to happen. Other coaches do not compare favourably.

Fat Woman was working with a nice lady who is quite new to BoxFit but who was just starting to get the hang of punching the pads. This meant that together Fat Woman and the nice lady could make a good loud sound. After every combination of punches both Fat Woman and her partner would reset their hands. The combination was was left-left-right. The lady boxing Fat Woman was right-handed so her right punch was much stronger than her left punch. The noise the lady's gloves made on Fat Woman's pads was: "thump-thump-BANG! thump-thump-BANG!"

Fat Woman got well into the second chorus of We Will Rock You before the set was over. The most amusing thing to Fat Woman was that on hearing her padding "thump-thump-BANG!" other people were starting to fall in time with her. Fat Woman wishes that more people in the gym were singers because it could have been an AWESOME Glee-style moment.

Personal Trainer pointed out to Fat Woman that if she had breath to sing she wasn't working hard enough. Fat Woman escaped burpees, but reckons it would have been worth it.

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