Friday, 5 September 2014

Fat Woman and the application of strength

Personal Trainer has been making Fat Woman do a lot of power walking. This is because Personal Trainer has banned Fat Woman from doing almost anything interesting in the gym such as lifting heavy weights, boxing, ab work or rowing. Fat Woman doesn't mind being marched about the area around the gym too much as the paths are good and the fence surrounding the driving range has useful posts that can be used for sprint intervals.

The biggest advantage of being outside is to be away from the terrible music the gym is now playing. Fat Woman can live with current chart music but really hates canned music that isn't even a cover version of something famous but is just a really low-rent version of gangsta rap. Fat Woman complained about the music but has only succeeded in getting it turned down a little bit. So being outside means that Fat Woman and Personal Trainer have more chance to chat and catch up.

Personal Trainer keeps Fat Woman informed of his own training. Today Personal Trainer announced that he had reached a 2014 personal best by back squatting 150 kilograms. This is not Personal Trainer's best ever as a couple of years ago he was training purely for strength but it is still quite impressive.

Fat  Woman assured Personal Trainer that this was indeed a fabulous weight to squat and that he was obviously a very strong individual. Fat Woman wondered that as Personal Trainer could lift so much, more than even Fat Woman weighs, would it be possible for her to get a piggy back?

Personal Trainer said it might be possible for him to give Fat Woman a piggy back but this was her training session and she needed to finish it under her own steam, and at a quicker pace than the last set as well.

Fat Woman would have offered to give Personal Trainer a piggy back but with all that muscle he is heavier than he looks and Fat Woman hasn't lifted any decent weights for weeks.

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