Friday, 5 September 2014

Fat Woman and the dubious way with words

Personal Trainer is having a website built. Fat Woman entirely approves of such things and is being very careful to offer supportive advice, but only when asked.

Fat Woman offered to write Personal Trainer an updated recommendation. A year ago Fat Woman wrote a testimonial with photos saying how wonderful Personal Trainer was and how much success she had working with him. This was incredibly generous of Fat Woman who does not like photographs of herself.

Personal Trainer wanted to know how a new recommendation would be any better than the old one. Fat Woman said she could angle a recommendation to appeal to any market segment Personal Trainer wanted to attract. Personal Trainer wanted to know what Fat Woman meant by this. Fat Woman said that for example she could write a testimonial saying that she wanted a baby, had employed Personal Trainer and now has baby on board.

Personal Trainer said a testimonial about weight loss would be fine, thank you.

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