Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Fat Woman and the amusing surprise

Fat Woman likes Personal Trainer's new gym. The staff are very polite and helpful and always say hello and goodbye when you walk in, which is such a change from Fat Woman's gym. The gym is pretty clean and although some of the cardio equipment needs an upgrade there is a real boxing ring. Personal Trainer practically has a conniption if Fat Woman sits down during a session, but using the boxing ring ropes as a hammock is apparently allowed.

One of the nicest things about Personal Trainer's new gym is Sparky, the handsome, talented and witty personal trainer who coincidentally is a dedicated follower of this blog. Fat Woman doesn't get much chance to talk to Sparky, but he always says hello when they meet, and he might stop for a chat if he has time.

Sparky has taken to greeting Fat Woman by saying: "Morning! What did you have for breakfast today?" Fat Woman finds this hilarious, and is going to have to think up something good as an answer for the next time.


  1. Have you thought of something clever yet? What are you going for? This could be fun...
    What did you have for breakfast? My husband!
    Or.... I will keep thinking....

  2. I'm going with "My husband" for the next time! Love it.