Saturday, 1 June 2013

Fat Woman goes bang

Fat Woman hasn't actually gone bang, despite it having been suggested that she might many times over the years, starting from the age of four. Fat Woman always find the idea that fat people actually explode as ridiculous, and yet some people seem to cling to the idea that it is possible to increase and therefore decrease a person in size immediately as though they were inflatable. Fat Woman is not in the mood to discuss the dehumanisation of fat people though because she has had an AMAZING day shooting.

Fat Woman parcelled Thin Husband off to a shooting lesson and went shooting with Personal Trainer and another friend. Fat Woman was by far the worst but Fat Woman loves being a newbie:  there are no expectations of her. No one getting five consecutive pairs could have been as thrilled as Fat Woman was to hit each of the clays from the 120 foot tower. In fact, apart from the first pair when she was unsettled and not able to concentrate, Fat Woman hit one of every clay she tried. Fat Woman counts that as a HUGE success.

Fat Woman is easily pleased.

Fat Woman has a shooting-packed month coming up. Fat Woman would like to get better at shooting but frankly if it stays as much fun as it is she could love with being this level for quite a while. Shooting makes Fat Woman want to write in capital letters. Its FUN! FUN! FUN!

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