Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Fat Woman and the unbearable truth

Personal Trainer said that Fat Woman is one of the fittest people in the gym. Fat Woman is starting to believe Personal Trainer when he says this as he has said it several times now.

Fat Woman can believe that she is fit for a fat woman, but has a hard time believing that she is fit on the scale of everyone. Fat Woman knows that her recovery time after exercise is now impressive and that her endurance is pretty good and also that she is both flexible and strong. Fat Woman still isn't fast at moving because she is still heavy.  Fat Woman can go pretty fast and hard on the cross trainer, the stationary bike or the rowing machine and breezes through 45 minutes of BoxFit without breaking a sweat but is utterly pathetic at the bleep test and couldn't run a 1km let alone a 5km. Fat Woman would power walk 5km very happily, but not run it.

Fat Woman thinks it's a shame that her one weakness makes her feel inferior to people who aren't as strong, as flexible, as fit or anything else she is.

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