Saturday, 25 October 2014

Fat Woman and the cold turkey

Fat Woman has given up shooting. Fat Woman had intended to finish shooting at the end of September, but there was a national inter-counties event to attend at the start of October, and Fat Woman wanted to finish her shooting at a Shotgun & Chelsea Bun Club. Fat Woman had a lovely day with the Eastern Region S&CBC ladies and left with a rosette that was very hotly contested. Fat Woman's coffee cake didn't get any votes, but then it was an after thought when the zebra-patterned cake turned out badly and besides, Fat Woman really made it because she likes it.

The only sour note to the day was the old man at the presentation who after hearing Fat Woman was giving up shooting enquired how long she had to go and then entreated her not to shoot any  more. Fat Woman ignored him because she had just given up shooting, and she certainly didn't feel that it was polite for a random stranger to give her medical or health advice he was unqualified to give in public, but the old duffer collared her again outside. Old Duffer started off giving his opinion on Fat Woman shooting and Fat Woman cut him off and informed him that she didn't wish to discuss this with him. This is the point that Fat Woman considers polite people would back off, but Old Duffer was determined that his opinion was so valuable that Fat Woman was going to hear it regardless of her personal wishes. Fat Woman held on to her temper by her fingernails and retorted that she had researched foetal hearing loss due to noise exposure and had sought medical advice and was happy with her decisions. Fat Woman was incredibly annoyed that she felt forced into justifying decisions that were simply none of Old Duffer's business, as well as Old Duffer's assumption that (1) Fat Woman was stupid or ignorant enough to put Small Baby in danger and (2) He knew better than Fat Woman about her body. Fat Woman particularly dislikes the "he was only trying to help" excuse for this kind of behaviour. Fat Woman knows what it sounds like when random men think they might have information about foetal safety that she might not yet know and they are prepared to be respectful about it, and it starts with a question such as "Have you considered..." It doesn't start with a stranger telling Fat Woman what to do. Fat Woman would have liked to have told Old Duffer to fuck off, but didn't because she is socially conditioned not to make a fuss.

Fat Woman thinks it incredibly ironic that everyone in shooting has been very respectful of her decisions and continued presence at shooting grounds  right up until the point when she has fired her last shots.

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