Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Fat Woman and the limited choices

Fat Woman went for a 36 week scan of Small Baby. Fat Woman didn't really need a scan, but is being monitored for diabetes, as that's what fat people get. Fat Woman hasn't yet got diabetes as she is fit and healthy, so Small Baby has remained an appropriate size.

The NHS has decided that Fat Woman is two weeks further along than she actually is. Fat Woman has found there is no point in wasting breath explaining that they are wrong because they just bleat "That's what the scaaaaaaan says!" Fat Woman doesn't care what the scan says, she's very confident that she knows all her dates. However there is no point arguing with people in the NHS. They like to do things by policy and procedure and Because That's The Way We Do It. Employing logic and reason let alone independent thinking is apparently not often done.

Fat Woman had her allegedly 36 week scan and it was shown that Small Baby is currently breech (head up rather than down). Fat Woman isn't worried about this particularly because she considers she is just 34 weeks along and knows that Small Baby is still moving an awful lot. Fat Woman was sympathetic to the procedures that the ultrasound technician had to follow though, and allowed herself to be taken up to Clinic 22 to talk to a midwife. Fat Woman hasn't been near Clinic 22 because she's had no need and because she wants as little to do with the hospital as possible. This is why Fat Woman has an independent midwife.

Fat Woman let her midwife know what was going on by text. Fat Woman's midwife outlined the options for her: have an elective caesarian, have an external cephalic version (ECV) when an obstetrician turns the baby, have a breech natural birth and of course Fat Woman's preferred option of just waiting and hope the baby turns. There is lots of time before Fat Woman is actually due to give birth so lots of time for Small Baby to turn. When the random midwife came in Fat Woman found that she was presented with just two options, the ECV or caesarian section. There was also a lot of pressure for Fat Woman to pick one NOW NOW NOW.

Fat Woman invoked the clause of having an independent midwife and made a hasty exit, her prejudices that the NHS is narrow-minded and prejudiced and incredibly limited cemented firmly in place. Fat Woman doesn't know right this second what she's going to do, but she's fairly sure that Small Baby is still very much on the move.

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