Friday, 21 December 2012

Fat Woman and the Christmas card

Personal Trainer informed Fat Woman that he didn't send Christmas cards because they were too expensive.  Fat Woman appreciates the difficulties of being young and self employed so did nothing but raise her eyebrows. Posting Christmas cards is expensive, but Fat Woman didn't expect Personal Trainer to be doing much snail mail correspondence.

After training Fat Woman went to the supermarket where for once she utilised the picture messaging facility on her phone to send this picture to Personal Trainer:

Fat Woman made use of the multimedia elements of the message by adding the phrase "Rubbish excuse!" to the picture. Personal Trainer replied admitting he had been caught out.

Fat Woman cannot describe her joy and delight when Personal Trainer presented her with a little square envelope containing a Christmas card addressed to herself and Thin Husband. Fat Woman was nearly overwhelmed with the thought and effort that Personal Trainer had put in to overcoming his fixed ideas and making a special trip to the shops where he spent time in choosing a suitable card for her.

A 0.9p Tesco Value Christmas card.

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