Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Fat Woman and the year end

On 11th December 2012 Fat Woman reached the end of her first year of personal training. Fat Woman can celebrate the following:

Fat Woman's weight went from 333lb to 281lb - a nice solid average of 1lb per week. Fat Woman thinks this is pretty damn good when she had at least three months struggling with her thyroxine dose.

Fat Woman's body fat percentage went from 55.5% to 46.5%. According to Fat Woman's calculations she has gained 2kg of lean muscle over the year. According to the October to November comparison, 3lb of that lean gain was in that month. Fat Woman is not worrying to much about this right now.

Fat Woman's dress size went from a UK 32/24 to a UK 20/22. Fat Woman is now slimmer than when she was 18. This is odd because at 18 years old Fat Woman was 18 stone. Fat Woman would have expected this if there was a big lean muscle gain.

Fat Woman has learned to enjoy boxing, weight lifting, netball, tennis, shooting, archery, swimming and working out in the gym. Fat Woman has learned to do some of these things reasonably well and plans to get better at a lot of them.

Fat Woman has met lots of new people and made new friends. Personal Trainer, Shooting Coaches, the netball team, the boxing class, the gym staff and many more.

Fat Woman now gets to work out with her girlfriends AND not be the most useless all the time.

Fat Woman's RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) seems to be held at bay.

Fat Woman can walk into an ordinary shop and buy clothes.

Fat Woman isn't worried about her energy spend all the time. This means Fat Woman can try new things more easily.

Fat Woman's appetite hormones are completely different. Fat Woman is convinced she overcame leptin resistance.

Fat Woman shudders to think of the money she has spent on getting fit. Weight loss surgery would have been cheaper. However, Fat Woman is very, very glad that she was able to turn back from the point she felt weight loss surgery was her only option. Fat Woman loves food and is grateful that any restriction on her diet is by choice.

There are lots of positives for Fat Woman to look at. This is good, because now Fat Woman needs to do the same again.

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