Friday, 17 May 2013

Fat Woman and the very odd feeling

Fat Woman had a very odd feeling. Fat Woman was feeling thinner. Fat Woman couldn't remember the last time she felt 'thinner' but suspects it might have been back in January when she bought new gym trouser that didn't make it through their first lifting session. Fat Woman was feeling a little bit lighter, a little bit slimmer.

Fat Woman has struggled through 2013 with regards to weightloss.In January Fat Woman lost just half a pound, but put this down to training for strength not weightloss. At the end of February Fat Woman's weight shot up 4lb in two weeks because her thyroid hormone dose was too high. By the end of March Fat Woman had adjusted her dose downwards and was set to weather the adjustment period. Fat Woman was the slightly under her optimum dose of thyroid replacement hormone and suffered the special effects of too much oestrogen - a beginning of the month that was so painful she ate extra strong co codamol like sweeties, and an awful skin breakout that wouldn't respond to her antibiotic cream. Fat Woman felt like she was 15 again, although at least she still had the car and the credit card as compensation.

Then in May things started to get better again. Fat Woman felt better. Fat Woman saw the numbers on the scale go downwards until they were almost where she was in January. Finally, Fat Woman stood on the scale and saw that it was no longer the-nearly-back-to-where-she-was _81lb but in fact _77.5lb.

Fat Woman doesn't know what she would have done if the scale hadn't shown a lower number than the previous week. It would probably have involved going back to bed for the rest of the day and crying lots. Fat Woman likes the idea of comfort eating but in practice finds it a disappointment. Dairy Milk chocolate tastes like chocolate protein powder.

Fat Woman is very relieved that her body is back under her control. When Fat Woman's hormones are right then eating well is easy and exercise is easy and so weight loss is easy. The only good thing that Fat Woman has to say about the first six months of 2013 is that she didn't quit.

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