Monday, 23 December 2013

Fat Woman and the walk outs

Fat Woman wasn't having the greatest training day. First, Fat Woman's breakfast omelette had been spoiled by some dodgy smelling bacon, and she had resorted to smoked salmon and scrambled eggs, which is just not fun without fruit juice, coffee and a copy of the weekend newspaper. Secondly, Personal Trainer had not had enough sleep. Fat Woman could tell this from the deep shadows under Personal Trainer's eyes but he confirmed it anyway. Thirdly, Personal Trainer is hopped up and waiting for Christmas like a four year old, which makes him silly and a bit of a pain. Fat Woman had spent forty minutes the previous day riding a lift with her four year old god son and had been very glad to give him back to his mother. Sadly, Personal Trainer is too old to give back to his mother.

Personal Trainer made Fat Woman do walk outs. Fat Woman hates walk outs because they always feel like she is doing way more work than it looks like, and making them turn into renegade rows is just adding insult to injury. Fat Woman wasn't made any fonder of walk outs when Personal Trainer nearly fell off his seat laughing at her because he said she looked like she Spiderman clinging to two sides of a gap. After making Fat Woman start the movement with a squat Personal Trainer then kept singing the Spiderman theme tune, and not even the 1980s cartoon theme that Fat Woman recognises.

Personal Trainer is getting coal for Christmas. 

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