Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Fat Woman and the unfuelled training

Fat Woman had not been eating carbohydrates before training with Personal Trainer. This pleased Personal Trainer greatly, and as Fat Woman doesn't mind breakfast omelettes three days a week she was happy to continue with this plan. It makes Fat Woman a little unfiltered, but luckily Personal Trainer thinks this is amusing.

Personal Trainer had suggested many times that Fat Woman might try training completely unfueled. Fat Woman had argued that by eating 400 calories for breakfast and training at 11am she was effectively unfueled because she needs more than 100 calories a waking hour to maintain her weight. Personal Trainer was inordinately pleased with this and considered Fat Woman's rapid weight loss (more than the weekly 2lb that Fat Woman usually gets) to be proof of how efficacious this method of training is. Fat Woman reckons it was more to do with her system being in utter shock that she was back on a hard core diet. Last weekend Fat Woman had a whole 36 hours off her eating plan, one evening of a company party with free champagne and really lovely food, and one day of hangover. Fat Woman doesn't think she did too much damage as she stayed off orange juice, her usual hangover cure, but she did eat too much spelt flake cereal. Also she let Thin Husband make his awesome chili pasta bake without policing how much bacon, pasta and cheese he used. So Fat Woman thought that it was probably a good idea to try training unfueled and turned up to session expecting a great big pat on the head for being a good and brave girl.

Personal Trainer was resoundingly unenthusiastic about Fat Woman's coming to training without eating anything. Fat Woman was surprised and also a little hurt by this lukewarm reception as Personal Trainer had raised the issue of training without eating first many, many times. Personal Trainer said that the current plan was working so they shouldn't change it. Fat Woman had not been expecting this reaction and was nonplussed, and a little irritated.

Fat Woman trained, drank a protein shake, ate a cereal bar, went home and had a proper meal. Then Fat Woman spent the afternoon in a horrible blue funk. Fat Woman felt exactly as she used to a 2pm on days when she had got up at 5am to go to breakfast meetings, depressed and miserable. Fat Woman is usually a cheerful and positive type, even if she is a little acerbic sometimes. Fat Woman stopped going to breakfast meetings when it became apparent that she wasn't actually genuinely miserable, she was just sobbing over her laptop because she was tired. It took Fat Woman the whole of the next day to shake off the strange blue mood that had settled over her.

Next session Fat Woman declared to Personal Trainer that she was never doing unfueled training again and described her strange mental state of that afternoon. Personal Trainer suggested that Fat Woman had experienced what he knew as "The Crash" and shared that he himself suffered terribly when training before eating. Fat Woman stared at Personal Trainer as though he had grown a second nose and then through gritted teeth enquired as to why he hadn't mentioned this to her. With blistering honesty Personal Trainer replied that if he had told Fat Woman about The Crash she would never have tried unfueled training. Fat Woman did not scream: "No SHIT!" as Personal Trainer doesn't like profanity but feels her eyebrows said it anyway.0

Fat Woman is going to practice lying by omission in Personal Trainer's style, starting with the ice-cream she had for pudding this evening.

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