Monday, 18 November 2013

Fat Woman and the intolerant behaviour

Fat Woman is a big fan of tolerance. Fat Woman is if anything intolerant of intolerance and tries very hard not to be the thought police but thinks that anyone who is an adult and not stupid should behave to a certain minimum standard in public, and also when asked not to use a word or phrase should pick another bloody word. Fat Woman particularly hates people who lose their temper. Fat Woman has a seriously nasty temper and has spent years restraining herself. If Fat Woman was riled enough to actually want to hurt someone it would be a bad day for Society. Instead Fat Woman reminds herself that everyone does the best they can with what they have and strives to be patient. 

Fat Woman is spending a lot of time in calorie deficit at the moment. It has been worth it as Fat Woman has lost a fair amount of weight. The ironic thing is that whilst friends have been saying "Have you lost weight?" all summer when Fat Woman hadn't, no one has noticed her recent shift. Fat Woman can live with that, but she is fairly sure the people who were "noticing" before had just forgotten how fat she really was in real life. 

Fat Woman is a little short tempered as a result of running on low energy, and never more so than at the end of an unfueled training session. Fat Woman regrets that the unfueled training seems to be effective, so she will do it for a while longer. Still, Fat Woman is training hard with Personal Trainer. 

The only thing that remains the same each week about sessions with Personal Trainer is that at the end Fat Woman suffers assisted stretching; hamstrings to prevent back pain and quads to help keep her knees free of adhesions. Personal Trainer is quite amused by the fact Fat Woman is actually very flexible and plays the game of seeing how far over Fat Woman's head he can force her foot. In one of his cheekier moods Personal Trainer suggested that Thin Husband should be grateful for all this assisted stretching. Fat Woman was deep into hunger and broke a rule and snapped back at Personal Trainer that Thin Husband prefers dead bugs. If you don't know what dead bugs are you can find out at The trouble with this retort was not only had Fat Woman broken a cardinal rule of never, ever letting on to Personal Trainer anything about her sex life (Fat Woman does not want Personal Trainer thinking about her and sex in any way as it could only end in negative judgement as Fat Woman is much older and fatter than his girlfriends) but in losing her temper Fat Woman cited the wrong exercise. Fat Woman meant the table top hold, which is where dead bugs start, but without waving your legs around. Fat Woman has no idea what Personal Trainer thought about what she actually said but frantically hopes that he had the same kind of "Urgh! No!" reaction that people have when they are forced to confront the subject of their parents having a sex life and shoved the memory of the whole conversation under a mental pile of rocks rather than puzzling about just what would be enjoyable about dead bugs in bed.

When trying to force Fat Woman's leg behind her ear Personal Trainer waits for a signal from Fat Woman that he has gone far enough. Fat Woman used to say "Stop!" but Personal Trainer ignores that and pushes a little further so now she goes with "Ow!" Fat Woman tries not to make loud in-pain noises during session as she can be heard all around the gym and also it's not good for Personal Trainer's business. Personal Trainer has an annoying little joke where he ignores what Fat Woman is actually telling him (which is "Stop trying to force my leg behind my ear!") and makes a rather weak joke about there not being any owl in here so far as he can see. This has been going on for half a dozen sessions.

Fat Woman is not at her most tolerant at the end of an unfueled training session when she is lying on her back in the middle of the gym with a young man treating her as a rubber stress toy and today when Personal Trainer made the same joke yet again Fat Woman realised that she would love to wipe the smug smile off his face, love to stop him from abusing the power he had over her whilst she was apparently helpless and physically beneath him. Personal Trainer was looking over the top of Fat Woman's foot so he could continue to laugh at her when Fat Woman realised that if she just flexed her foot a little she would hit Personal Trainer right on his smug little chin..,

Fat Woman is not very proud of herself today and confesses she deserves to spend some time on the naughty step, possibly doing step-ups. Fat Woman would like to report that there was no permanent damage done to Personal Trainer's handsome countenance as it was only a very little tap. Fat Woman is not sure if Personal Trainer even noticed she's done it on purpose. Fat Woman is not sorry though, only a little bit guilty.

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