Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Fat Woman and the interesting assumptions

Fat Woman was going to post about the interesting assumptions made by people about her simply because she is fat, but frankly it's boring and can be boiled down thusly: New person sees Fat Woman and assumes that because she is fat she is sedentary, eats unhealthily and eats too many calories in a day, and this is mostly likely because Fat Woman is stupid and uneducated and probably self-delusional as well.

Fat Woman is tired of coddling prejudiced and ignorant people and thinks they should all be sent on some kind of course where it is explained to them that their assumptions are just that, assumptions, and that to be useful members of Society they could do with learning to keep an open mind and to assess evidence rather than spouting their own personal distillation of what they have absorbed by osmosis. Fat Woman thinks that if you aren't yet clued into the fact that what people look like isn't a good way to tell anything about them apart from what they look like you are probably incredibly slow on the uptake. Or you live in some weird Jilly Cooper-created world where all the heroes are handsome and rich and everyone else is fat, ugly, poor and stupid. Fat Woman hopes for your sake that if that is the case then you're a hero and that you remember where that world is because she's fairly confident that most people in this world whose opinion she would give a toss for think you're a twit. And that goes double if you display racism/sexism/homophobia/religious prejudice, and double again if you deny you're doing it.

Fat Woman lives every day in a great big calorie deficit and has no extra energy to spend indulging people who haven't wit enough to operate as anything other than media-programmed bots with received wisdom filling up their RAM. The most tiresome part is people who get defensive if it is even suggested that they might like to change their behaviour because this is a slight on their moral impunity and the preciousness and rightness of their existence and of what they said, even though they have never actually thought about what they said before, they have just spouted it. Fat Woman has spent years with people telling her that her existence as a fat woman is an affront to life, the universe and everything, so she has no sympathy for those who might find it difficult to accept that polite Society has moved on and they need to temper what they say.

People are different to you and that's okay. Now, mind your manners or you won't have any friends left.

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