Thursday, 14 November 2013

Fat Woman and the pleasing judgement

Fat Woman went to shoot a CPSA registered shoot. It was Fat Woman's first registered shoot since the one detailed in Fat Woman and the clay shooting competition. Fat Woman did not have a nice time at her first registered shoot.

Fat Woman had a much nicer time at her second registered shoot. Fat Woman went to the shoot, shot a 49, had tea with some nice people she had met before and came home again. This was mostly because the shoot wasn't squadded, so Fat Woman wasn't stuck with a group of grumpy strangers.

Fat Woman was a little disappointed that she didn't manage more than 50, but admits that she made two silly mistakes. The first was when Fat Woman was distracted by a trap for a different stand going off behind her head, even though she knew she should be shooting the crow in front of her. The second was a crossing bunny rabbit of the kind Fat Woman has shot a hundred times. Fat Woman doesn't regret her first miss of that rabbit but does regret her second miss, which was stupid.

Over all though, Fat Woman was quite pleased with her return to registered shooting and really liked all the interesting targets. Fat Woman did have to face up to the fact that she couldn't hit a quartering crosser with a punt gun and asked for this to be addressed at her next shooting lesson. It turns out that Shooting Coach is good but not infallible and even after her next lesson Fat Woman still cannot shoot a quartering crosser with any consistency.

What Shooting Coach did say was that Fat Woman's 49 was really worth much more than that. Fat Woman was incredibly surprised at this because Shooting Coach is very nice to students, but is blisteringly unforgiving when it comes to cartridges, rules, refereeing, set up, weather or anything else that might affect the score. Shooting Coach said that in his opinion it was an unusually hard registered shoot, and the fact that it was also incredibly windy meant that Fat Woman might have scored well into the 50s had it been a similar shoot. This was nice to hear because it meant that not only is Fat Woman keen to go and shoot another registered shoot, it means that when she hears of people doing slightly better than her she might be as good as them after all. Fat Woman is not particularly competitive, but she likes to know her place in the firmament. This probably means that Fat Woman is way more competitive than everyone else who doesn't really care what anyone else is up to.

The really important thing that Fat Woman can take away from her latest competition experience is that she wasn't dead last. This pleases Fat Woman greatly.

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