Sunday, 10 November 2013

Fat Woman and the bad mood

Fat Woman has been a little on the grumpy side recently, it is true. On the inside Fat Woman feels that her tetchiness is entirely rational and allowed. After all, Fat Woman can't help if the world is full of selfish/uneducated/irrational/slow thinking people, can she?

The thing that clues Fat Woman into the idea that perhaps it's her not the rest of the world (apart from the fact that she is not a narcissist) is that there are just so many unthinking/self-centred/ignorant/thick people around. Now, Fat Woman is not a saint by any stretch of the imagination, not even the human kind that Maximilian Kolbe was, but she has always lived by the principle that all words and deeds have effects and finds it very hard when people act as though they are acting in a vacuum. What is up with people being so awful? Not just directly to others, but being indirectly horrible? Then claiming that "I didn't meeeeeean it like that!"

Today Fat Woman is fed up with the lack of celebration for people who have lost weight and worked hard to be fit but who have not reached "target weight". It's as though you are only redeemed once you are a socially acceptable size. In fact, Fat Woman has quit Tesco Diets for MyFitnessPal at least in part because of this. Most properly fat people won't ever reach that "target weight" that's based on BMI. It's just impossible. Fat Woman is disgusted with this unfair and frankly shallow state of affairs. Why is losing 5 stone an achievement to celebrate when you end up at 10 stones but not if you're still at 15 stones? Bah!

Fat Woman is going to go and lift some heavy weights to make herself feel better.

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