Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Fat Woman and the cold

Fat Woman has caught a cold and feels terrible. Fat Woman doesn't like being ill so has a lot of methods for coping with the symptoms. Currently Fat Woman has a sore throat so the coping methods include a throat spray, lozenges and hot lemon paracetamol drinks. Fat Woman then eats things such as scrambled eggs on toast in order to offset the digestive side effects of the over-the-counter remedies.

At least, Fat Woman used to.

Now Personal Trainer says "no bread". Fat Woman spent the morning putting off the need to eat carbs. Eventually Fat Woman twigged on to the idea of baked potatoes. Formerly baked potatoes were evil. Now they are her only hope as pasta is also disallowed.

Fat Woman is miserable and grumpy and when Personal Trainer texted that she couldn't have bread with her eggs she texted back that she hated him*. Fat Woman knows Personal Trainer doesn't care so long as she doesn't eat the bread.

*Fat Woman did put (transference) after that comment and she did take it back later but she TOTALLY meant it at the time.

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