Saturday, 26 May 2012

Fat Woman and the "worth it" moment.

Last night Fat Woman went to BoxFit. It was a tough night, especially as TinyFriend was absent and FatWoman had no natural partner. There was lots of mat work and Fat Woman had to take lots of accommodations. Fat Woman can't do burpees yet, and she can't do mountain climbers, and she certainly isn't going to wipe out all her energy by attempting jump squats. Even on the sit ups, which Fat Woman has been practising she managed two sets of ten whilst everyone else did three sets of 20. Fat Woman was holding on to the fact this is a vast improvement, and that whilst she might be performing two thirds below everyone else, this is actually a huge improvement on two months ago when she managed five sit ups and two days later wondered if she'd given birth without noticing.

Initially Personal Trainer didn't know about Fat Woman's mat work. Fat Woman had printed off this guide, which turned out to be provided by the British Army, and was spending 45 minutes every Tuesday afternoon working her way through the possibilities. Personal Trainer found this out when his schedule changed and he was treated to the sight of Fat Woman doing planks and bridges and sit-ups. Fat Woman told Personal Trainer that she was practising because she would like, just for once, not to be the worst in the class at everything in mat work. Personal Trainer assured Fat Woman that she was a better boxer than lots of them. Fat Woman thanked him for the point but pointed out that she was probably a better clarinet player than most of them as well. Personal Trainer checked her times the next week (1:15) and set her the challenge of improving her plank to 1:45, which Fat Woman did the same week.

In class the last thing Personal Trainer made the class do was plank for a minute. Fat Woman made it all the way through the minute. Not everyone did.

Fat Woman is savouring the moment when she wasn't the worst in the class. It tastes so very, very sweet.

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