Thursday, 31 May 2012

Why Fat Woman's gym is like High School

Reasons why Fat Woman's gym is like High School

  1. Fat Woman goes every day Monday to Friday.
  2. Even thought Fat Woman goes every week day there is always something to do at the weekend.
  3. If Fat Woman applies herself throughout the week she gets Sundays off.
  4. The same people are there, day in and day out.
  5. Fat Woman has a locker.
  6. There are lots of classes, although Fat Woman's timetable is full of P.E. (Physical Education)
  7. If you don't work consistently you'll find you can't catch up in a rush.
  8. One bathroom stall is invariably out of order.
  9. Everyone seems to be way ahead of you in everything all the time.
  10. Everyone knows who everyone else is, even if not exactly by name.
  11. The admin staff hold more power than you think.
  12. There are friendship groups based around commonalities in interest and shared classes.
  13. There are crushes and flirting and even romance.
  14. The cafeteria food is terrible.
  15. There is DRAMA.

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