Thursday, 17 May 2012

Fat Woman and the hardest thing

Fat Woman has worked out what is the hardest part of being on a weight loss journey.

It isn't that you end up being on a "weight loss journey"
It isn't counting calories, planning food, shopping, weighing, cooking or even turning food down.
It isn't going to the gym, working out, the constant showers and laundry, the prioritisation, planning and organisation to get there.
It isn't injuring yourself doing something that seems perfectly safe for everyone else, the pain, the painkillers or the treatment.
It isn't the constant negotiating with the doctor to stay on top of your blood tests and prescriptions.
It isn't all the little things such as not having anything nice to wear because you've shrunk out of all your lovely clothing.
It isn't even the huge amount of money you spend on gym membership, personal training, sports classes and coaching, osteopaths, gym clothes and sports equipment.

The hardest part of being on weight loss journey is being the person responsible for everything. If you drop the ball, then the ball stays dropped.


  1. This truly resonates. The weight of the responsibility can be crushing. That's why supporting each other through this journey is imperative. I'm here for you, girl!