Monday, 23 July 2012

Fat Woman and the stressful morning

Recap: Fat Woman and Personal Trainer had a falling out. A big misunderstanding where both Personal Trainer and Fat Woman were convinced they were right and the other one was wrong. This culminated in a high drama conversation on Friday night.

Nominally, Personal Trainer and Fat Woman were okay. Certainly Personal Trainer turned up to train Fat Woman, which was a bonus. Fat Woman is not usually a nervous Nelly about training but was extremely stressed that morning. At three minutes to training Fat Woman was starting to stress about how stressed she was. Fat Woman's heart rate - usually a resting 60bpm - had hit 120bpm.

Fat Woman realised that if you have been on the rowing machine for fifteen minutes then of course your heart rate would go up.

Personal Trainer was pretty much his usual friendly self and put Fat Woman at ease fairly quickly. However, Fat Woman won't mind Personal Trainer's holiday next week in the slightest.

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