Thursday, 25 October 2012

Fat Woman and the other client

Fat Woman was settled on the stationary bike, pedalling away and waiting for Personal Trainer to turn up. Personal Trainer is often five minutes late to session in his new gym. Fat Woman doesn't particularly like this, but looks upon it as five extra minutes of cardio. Fat Woman also likes to build up a little moral high ground in case she is ever late.

Fat Woman is never late.

The stationary bikes at the new gym don't have television so Fat Woman finds it quite boring if she forgets her iPod. When Sparky, Personal Trainer's chum and the PT who lured him to this gym, stopped by for a chat, Fat Woman was delighted at the interruption. Sparky is charming with a lovely smile, not to mention witty, amusing and a fan of Fat Woman's blog.

Fat Woman welcomed Sparky, but asked if it was okay for him to be talking to her when he was with a client. Sparky said that wasn't a client, it was his father.

Apparently Sparky likes to bring his father to the gym every week for a severe beasting. Sparky considers this payback for his childhood.

Fat Woman is glad she hasn't got children, let alone personal trainer children.

Thin Husband says Fat Woman treats Personal Trainer like a child. Fat Woman found this point hard to argue when she had just given Personal Trainer a big lollipop with his name on for being a brave little soldier at the dentist.

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