Monday, 20 August 2012

Fat Woman is in lust

Personal Trainer has been skating on thin ice recently. As well as deciding to up and leave the gym, and refusing to let the subject of Swimming Coach drop, Personal Trainer was caught retweeting a fat joke and when Fat Woman repeated the joke to clarify which tweet she was talking about Personal Trainer laughed his little head off again.

The something happened which made Fat Woman fall in lust and forget all of Personal Trainer's failings. Personal Trainer let Fat Woman use his shotgun. Not just any shotgun, oh no! Personal Trainer is the proud owner of a Beretta D10 Titan.

Fat Woman fell for the D10 Titan the moment she first saw its walnut stock. It sang to Fat Woman. It whispered to her as she cradled it in her arms.

Not only did Personal Trainer let Fat Woman shoot his beloved gun, Personal Trainer also provided very helpful shooting coaching. Fat Woman killed 11 out of 25 birds on a round of skeet, which isn't bad at all for someone's first time out and using a gun which is really far too long. To top it all off, Personal Trainer suggested they go shooting again.

Fat Woman has forgiven Personal Trainer everything and has even made him zero carb linseed bread.

Fat Woman fears that this gun has spoiled her for other guns.

Personal Trainer says he has the same effect on women.

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