Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Fat Woman is FitFluential

Fat Woman is on Twitter. Fat Woman follows FitFluential. On 28th August FitFluential tweeted the following questions:

Q1: Did you set any fitness or health goals for 2012? What? How did it go?
Q2: Do you have a fitness-related goal for the rest of the year? What is it?
Q3: Who has goals related to healthy eating?
Q4: Long term goals? What’s on your #FitnessBucketList?
Q5: Do you share your goals with others for accountability?
Q6: How often do you set / evaluate your goals?
Q7: How do you reward yourself for meeting specific goals (short term or long term)?
Q8: What sorts of obstacles have been thrown in your way?
Q9: How do you overcome the challenges that arise during your pursuit of goals?
Q10: What is your proudest fitness-related achievement so far this year?

As is often the case with the US-dominated Twitter, Fat Woman was in bed during most of the tweeting around these questions. Fat Woman liked the answers to these questions. The answers were thought-provoking and Fat Woman is considering these questions herself.

Fat Woman is grateful to FitFluential for posting these questions. Fat Woman would not have thought about these things if FitFluential hadn't shared.

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