Sunday, 5 August 2012

Personal Trainer needs reassurance

Personal Trainer is leaving Fat Woman's gym. Fat Woman knew something was going on when Personal Trainer texted: "We need to talk." Even though Fat Woman was fairly sure she hadn't done anything wrong at that point her stomach still tied itself in a neat reef knot. 

When it turned out that Personal Trainer was simply changing gyms Fat Woman was so relieved that he wasn't taking a job in Dubai she volunteered to see him at his new location. Fat Woman has calculated that it is an extra seven minutes to Personal Trainer's new location, although that is driving at 60mph instead of the current 30mph through town and is therefore more petrol. Fat Woman considers this a small price worth paying to unravel her anxious stomach. 

Since this initial meeting Personal Trainer has been ill, Personal Trainer and Fat Woman have had a little misunderstanding, and Personal Trainer has been on holiday. This meant that Fat Woman trained with Swimming Coach four times. This has apparently made Personal Trainer insecure. Personal Trainer keeps suggesting that Fat Woman might want to train with Swimming Coach. Fat Woman knows exactly what Personal Trainer thinks of Swimming Coach, and it isn't flattering. Fat Woman could understand this suggestion when she and Personal Trainer were having a misunderstanding, but found Personal Trainer's suggestion, vouched as a question, that she might train once a week with him at his new gym and once a week with Swimming Coach at the current gym to be gobsmackingly out of the blue. 

Fat Woman is getting a little annoyed at the testing and the digs. Fat Woman is fairly sure that they are coming from insecurity. Personal Trainer is, after all, very young and extremely sensitive. Fat Woman is wondering if she should prepare a statement and get everything out in the open. 

1. Fat Woman has one personal trainer. This is Personal Trainer. 
2, If Fat Woman trains with a another person who happens to be a personal trainer it does not make them Fat Woman's personal trainer.
3. Fat Woman will not pay other personal trainers for training when Personal Trainer is available.
4. Fat Woman has no plans to change her personal trainer. In fact the only reason Fat Woman can see for getting a new personal trainer is that Personal Trainer switches gyms to somewhere impossibly far away. 
5. Fat Woman will never train with Swimming Coach full time. [Fat Woman wouldn't say this last bit to Personal Trainer, but as well as being good looking Swimming Coach flirts far too hard with Fat Woman. In fairness Swimming Coach did stop the flirting when Fat Woman asked him too, but Fat Woman does not want to be a middle aged woman with an embarrassing crush on her personal trainer.] 

Fat Woman is  if she should print and sign this statement for Monday. 

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