Monday, 20 August 2012

Fat Woman is over-medicated

Fat Woman has an under-active thyroid. It's a big part of how Fat Woman got to be so fat. Fat Woman got the hang of taking the pills fairly early on but found it incredibly hard to get the right dose. Fat Woman waited three months to see a consultant - plus four hours on the day itself - and the consultant told her to cut her pills in half.

Fat Woman has discovered that being over-medicated is worst than being under-medicated. What Fat Woman is over-medicated part of her brain simply freezes. Fat Woman can't concentrate on creative work.

Fat Woman realised she was over-medicated and cut her dose drastically last night. This meant that tonight Fat Woman could stay up until 3am finishing the work she had been staring blankly at for five days.

Fat Woman finds it frustrating that the doctors' surgery is so unresponsive. Fat Woman has to change her thyroxine dose because she is losing weight. The doctors' surgery can take blood and get it sent away but are apparently unable to telephone Fat Woman with the results or even have the results available online, and they certainly seem incapable of understanding that Fat Woman's person health requirements are not the same as the standard procedure. Fat Woman has spent years working out how her Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) correlates to her well being. Fat Woman knows the following:

  • TSH 0.8+ - Fat Woman is sleeping 14 hours a day and is effectively unmedicated
  • TSH 0.6-0.7 - Fat Woman knows something is wrong
  • TSH 0.3-0.5 -Fat Woman is a happy, energetic bunny, eating healthily, exercising, achieving and losing weight
  • TSH 0.2-0.0 - Fat Woman is over-medicated and suffers brain fog.

When Fat Woman goes to the doctor for a blood test because she suspects she is over-medicated she doesn't want a letter in seven days telling her that the surgery are monitoring her. Fat Woman wants someone to call her up and tell her what her TSH levels are.

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