Thursday, 8 November 2012

Fat Woman and the burpees

Fat Woman and Personal Trainer weren't having the best session in the world ever. Fat Woman had been on a course for the best part of a week so had only trained once since the last session and had even missed the Monday session. As a result Fat Woman had tight muscles, which made her nervy and tetchy. Personal Trainer also had lots of lovely bodyweight work for Fat Woman, which never pleases Fat Woman. Fat Woman thinks that at least when she is hefting a dumbell that Personal Trainer knows how hard she is working. Fat Woman suspects that not even Personal Trainer understands just how heavy a truly fat body is, even from the inside.

By the time they ended up in the boxing ring Fat Woman was looking a distraction. When Personal Trainer told her that if she didn't work harder he'd make her do burpees Fat Woman essentially said: "Come on, then."

So Personal Trainer made Fat Woman do burpees.

Personal Trainer didn't actually make Fat Woman do full burpees. Personal Trainer came up with a modified version where Fat Woman had to put her legs out from the squat one by one instead of throwing them both out at the same time. Still, Personal Trainer said it counted.

Fat Woman had a big smile on her face because she hadn't thought she could do a burpee, at least not until she lost another 50lb.

Doing burpees made Fat Woman happy.

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