Thursday, 1 November 2012

Fat Woman and the cunning plan

Sparky came to say hello to Fat Woman and Personal Trainer. Fat Woman was exhausted so welcomed the interruption. Sparky said he was sorry Fat Woman had missed seeing his beasting of his father earlier. Fat Woman remarked she had seen the gentleman in question, but hadn't said hello because they hadn't been introduced.

Sparky said that Fat Woman should say hello to his father next time. Fat Woman shouldn't wait to be introduced but should saunter on over and start chatting to Mr Sparky's Dad, asking about his golf game and his health. Mr Sparky's Dad would be confused at the woman who obviously knew him but whom he knew not.

Fat Woman said she absolutely would, except that Mr Sparky's Dad might think she was some random woman who was trying to pick him up.

Sparky said that would make Mr Sparky's Dad's day.

Fat Woman was more concerned about Mr Sparky's Dad having a heart attack through fright.

Fat Woman wonders if Sparky plans to make his father think he has dementia so Sparky can wrest control of the family empire. Fat Woman is making a mental note to ask Sparky if there is a family empire of which he can wrest control.

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