Sunday, 4 November 2012

Fat Woman goes for a run

Fat Woman hates running. Fat Woman has never been good at running and has memories of how her friends in the playground loved her being "on" at catch the chicken because she could never catch anyone.

Fat Woman knows that running is something she needs to do sometimes especially now she is playing netball. Fat Woman even asked Personal Trainer to teach her natural running, but her metatarsals got extremely painful the week before and never quite got better.

Fat Woman is on a course. One exercise was about removing fixed ideas. Fat Woman's fixed idea was that she doesn't like running. The opposite idea was that Fat Woman could enjoy going for a run. Fat Woman had to visualise the first idea, then visualise the second idea.

At first it is easy to think of the idea you already have and hard to think of the opposite. As the exercise progressed Fat Woman found it easier and easier to think of herself enjoying going for a run. Fat Woman imagined going for a run with friends, running around the local country park and enjoying the sunshine whilst she did it, and arriving at the café where her friends were waiting for her, pleased and proud.

Fat Woman completed the exercise successfully, which was to be expected. What wasn't to be expected was that within the hour Fat Woman was thoroughly enjoying running down the corridor. It wasn't a very long corridor, so Fat Woman ran on the way back from the ladies as well as on the way there. What was amazing was that Fat Woman really, really enjoyed the run. Fat Woman estimates it was about the length of a netball court each way.

Fat Woman even ran a bit later on that evening.

Fat Woman's metatarsals still hurt, but she has emailed Personal Trainer saying they had better do some running this coming week before this strange keenness wears off.

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