Thursday, 1 November 2012

Fat Woman and the embarrassing moment

Fat Woman was walking through the bar area when she noticed a man smiling at her in greeting. Fat Woman looked at the man and realised that he was tall and good looking with an attractive smile.

Fat Woman wondered what an attractive man was doing smiling at her. Fat Woman has had attractive men smile at her before, but usually they are gentlemen of her acquaintance. Fat Woman has never scored highly on the pure looks front and it usually takes a meeting for someone to appreciate her. For a split second, Fat Woman enjoyed the surprise of being smiled at by an attractive person of the opposite sex.

Reality then washed over Fat Woman like an unpleasant cold shower. Fat Woman realised that actually she had recently been introduced to the gentleman. The good looking stranger was not a good looking stranger at all. The good looking stranger was Buddy's father.

Fat Woman is doubly embarrassed. First, Fat Woman shouldn't be fancying the parents of her friends. Secondly, Fat Woman has been reminded that the parents of her friends are in fact her age and her "friends" are actually young enough to be her children.

Fat Woman needs a sit down, some chocolate and some anti-wrinkle cream.

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