Sunday, 18 November 2012

Fat Woman and her friends

Fat Woman had a group PT session with Personal Trainer and two friends from her village. This was the first time that Fat Woman had ever got to take part in exercise as a fun activity with more than one friend.

Fat Woman had a great time.Tiny Friend and Nurse Friend also enjoyed the session. Even Personal Trainer seemed to have a reasonable amount of fun.

Fat Woman particularly like the moment afterwards where everyone stood around eating one of her new homemade chocolate orange protein bars. Walking down to the recreation ground in a group with matching exercise mats was also pretty cool.

Fat Woman still can't run fast because she's heavy, but she was sweating less and seemed to be finding the whole thing less hard than her friends. Fat Woman permits herself a little smile over that one.

The smile only lasts until Personal Trainer makes Fat Woman do more running.

Fat Woman had a good day.

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