Sunday, 18 November 2012

Fat Woman and the private class

Fat Woman and Tiny Friend no longer go to boxing class together. Tiny Friend had been paying a gym membership just to attend Personal Trainer's boxing class but stopped the subscription after he changed gym. Tiny Friend was very keen to find another BoxFit class to attend with Fat Woman. Tiny Friend is the best gym partner Fat Woman ever had and had, after all, been paying a lot more extra than Fat Woman to attend the class, so Fat Woman felt obliged to put on a smiley face and try the odd Boxercise class.

Personal Trainer was so amused at Fat Woman's obvious disdain for the limited world of Community Centre Boxercise and her obliged-to-by-the-rules-of-friendship predicament that he offered to do a PT session for Fat Woman and Tiny Friend in their village. Personal Trainer stated that he would do this at his usual rate because he liked Tiny Friend. Tiny Friend used to train with Personal Trainer and thinks he is the best PT since sliced bread but Fat Woman had no idea they had such a mutual admiration society. Fat Woman also noted that Personal Trainer didn't make the offer until after he heard that Tiny Friend was involved. Fat Woman thinks that sulking is unattractive in a grown up, but might have indulged in a little pique. Just a tiny little bit because Fat Woman is not going to turn down an extra boxing class with Personal Trainer.

Fat Woman has concerns about her budget. Being sporty is expensive and Fat Woman is spending more than £100 every week on sport. Therefore Fat Woman was glad to welcome a third friend into the private class. Nurse Friend runs with Tiny Friend and has been training with Swimming Coach, although Nurse Friend has been unimpressed with Swimming Coach in recent months. An extra person meant that the session would be just £10 each, or £15 if the group decided to book a room in the community centre.

Fat Woman spent a great deal of time working out how many people she would need to make a class worthwhile, but in the end decided that a great session twice a month would hold more benefit for her than the diluted effects of a class every week, especially a class that she would have all the hassle of organising.. Tiny Friend agrees, and they decided they would see about converting Nurse Friend to BoxFit before extending an invitation to anyone else.

Fat Woman is extremely excited to be working out with a group of friends. Fat Woman has always been de facto excluded from fun sporting activities and is really looking forward to taking part in one where she knows she is as good as anyone.

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