Friday, 9 March 2012

Fat Woman is injured

Fat Woman isn't really injured. Fat Woman had a severe case of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness this week. It was caused by Swimming Coach. As Personal Trainer was away skiing Fat Woman asked Swimming Coach to train her on Monday. Swimming Coach made Fat Woman do more than 300 squats/squat-like movements. Fat Woman has been hurting the rest of the week.

Fat Woman has been used to aching after strength training. This week Fat Woman has hurt every single day. This ache was the hardest Fat Woman has felt since she went for a 4.5 mile walk. For the record, Fat Woman had no intention of going on a four mile walk. Fat Woman was told it was a two and a half mile walk. Fat Woman ached badly in the thigh for days after that outing.

Fat Woman has been hurting so much that every time she stood up or sat down she would make some kind of strangled noise. Alone in the house Fat Woman would say "ow! ow! ow! ow!" when going up or down the stairs. Fat Woman took cocodamol and ibuprofen, but they didn't take the pain away completely.

Swimming coach admitted that Fat Woman did slightly more than was optimal. Fat Woman is missing Personal Trainer's nurturing like crazy. Swimming Coach says he likes it when people complain. Fat Woman doesn't like to complain. Fat Woman likes to work very hard at a slightly lower level. This allows her to do other activities throughout the week. Fat Woman still gets DOMS but not so badly that she feels miserable all the time.

Fat Woman feels Swimming Coach made a mistake in not listening to her when she begged him to stop. Fat Woman think Swimming Coach knows he made a mistake but will not say so. Fat Woman admits that she didn't put her food down and say she wouldn't, but she doesn't believe this level of DOMS is normal or desirable.

Fat Woman is (a) still miserable even though it's now Friday (b) missing Personal Trainer quite a lot (c) really fed up with Swimming Coach.

Fat Woman is going to make Personal Trainer some brownies and not give any to Swimming Coach. So there.

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