Thursday, 1 March 2012

Fat Woman eats NOTHING

Fat Woman ate NOTHING after her workout. The reason for this is that the gym café has NOTHING that fits with Fat Woman's low calorie, low GI, wholefood diet. Not even a banana or an apple. Those sell out first.

Fat Woman does not want to eat high sugar processed "snack" bars or drink sugary drinks or have anything with whey protein added to it. Fat Woman wants a low GI cereal bar from Dorset Cereals bar Eat Natural. Fat Woman doesn't even want an enormous glass of orange juice which would be five portions according to her eating plan.

Fat Woman realises this is a trap. People work out, then spend their "earned" calories on a chocolate bar or a smoothie. The trap keeps the gym in business because people never meet their goals.

Fat Woman thinks it would be better if the gym had some healthy alternatives so people who are following an eating plan can still buy something from the café. Fat Woman has taken to bringing something with her so that when she is mind boggled from low blood sugar she can eat. Fat Woman often needs to eat before getting in the car and driving home. In fact every scratch on Fat Woman's car happened when she needed to eat.

Fat Woman is having a hard time communicating with the café management. Apparently the woman who does the ordering is the same woman who moans that she "gets what they send her."

Fat Woman is going to eat her banana and wait for someone to moan at her. There is less chance of someone being cross with Fat Woman for bringing her own fruit than there is of Personal Trainer popping up and mentioning just how devoid of nutritional value whatever she has just ordered is. If Fat Woman ever gets really cross with Personal Trainer she's going to go to the bar and order two smoothies right in front of him. And drink them both.

Possibly that would be a bit like smoking more to show the Government raising the duty on cigarettes won't stop you. But it's a nice thought.

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