Friday, 2 March 2012

Fat Woman loses it

Today Fat Woman swore at Personal Trainer. Fat Woman is very ashamed of herself.

Fat Woman also hit Personal Trainer. Fat Woman flicked a small towel at Personal Trainer and it hit him across the ear. Fat Woman didn't expect to actually hit Personal Trainer, but admits she really wanted to at that time. Fat Woman has always said that you are safer if she is aiming at you. This was the towel Personal Trainer was refusing to pass to Fat Woman on the grounds that it was sweaty. Fat Woman acknowledges she had wiped her face with it earlier, but she had used a clean towel once and wouldn't have had any problem passing one to someone else. Fat Woman told Personal Trainer to leave the towel and she would pick it up herself. Fat Woman finished her set but Personal Trainer kept on going "ew!" and then did eventually throw the towel. Fat Woman wonders why he didn't just say "I can't do that" or even "You can stop."

Fat Woman hates people who can't control themselves and resort to violence. Personal Trainer was being rather childish and Fat Woman went straight back into a similar child role. Fat Woman should know better. Personal Trainer was being aggravating and Fat Woman took the bait. Fat Woman gives Personal Trainer all the power in the gym and it made her cross that he was misusing it. Fat Woman is an only child and is not used to certain sorts of teasing. Fat Woman has spent many years learning to control her temper, to not react or hit out. Personal Trainer is the first person in more than ten years to make Fat Woman snap like that.

Fat Woman is concerned about transference. Personal Trainer asked Fat Woman to do several new things. Fat Woman thinks possibly that she was taking her fear and channelling it at Personal Trainer. Fat Woman has to acknowledge that she is scared of walking up steep gradients, or doing anything which might her her knees. Personal Trainer asked Fat Woman to do that several times today. Fat Woman wasn't comfortable. Fat Woman felt Personal Trainer was pushing her. Fat Woman resisted. Fat Woman did what Personal Trainer asked, but not without protest. That makes two protesting weeks in a row.

Fat Woman isn't sure what is up with her. Fat Woman is training with Swimming Coach on Monday and will be looking out for problems. Fat Woman knows what was up with Personal Trainer - he broke up with his girlfriend at the weekend. Fat Woman wasn't surprised because he described her as "High maintenance".

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