Saturday, 3 March 2012

Fat Woman talks fat fashion (UK)

Fat Woman lives in the UK. You can probably tell this from her spelling.

Getting clothes as a fat woman isn't hard in the UK. Thanks to the Internet Fat Woman has never been unable to get something she needed within a week.

Fat Woman is an Evans Gold Card holder. Evans is the leading UK retailer. For years Evans was the only place a fat woman could buy clothes at chain store prices. Fat Girl would be taken by her mother in the vague hope of finding something which wasn't covered in sequins or suitable for a cruise.

Thankfully those years are long gone. Evans is now a fashionable retailer selling UK sizes 14-32. Fat Woman has been impressed with the Evans range over the past year. Fat Woman has bought several gorgeous pieces of clothing which are flattering and on season. Fat Woman would like to congratulate the Evans buyer who must be new because for years Fat Woman could rarely find a top with sleeves. Fat Woman HATES cap sleeves. It is bad enough having upper arms that remind onlookers of a Christmas leg of gammon without wearing something with unflattering cap sleeves.

Fat Woman has been disappointed with the workout clothes (or "leisurewear" as they call it) in Evans this year. Fat Woman has had to go elsewhere for her clothes. Here for the ladies up size 30/32 are Fat Woman's sources for gym wear.

Fat Woman has wide feet. Fat Woman thinks she has genetically wide feet rather than simply fat feet. Fat Woman's father has extremely wide feet. Being fat doesn't help though.

Fat Woman bought New Balance Trainers from Fat Woman does not regret the money she spent on them. Fat Woman is considering a second pair because they are so comfortable. These trainers go up to 6E. That's EEEEEE. Fat Woman would like to reward the company with this link: the best online shop selling wide fitting shoes and wide fitting trainers.

You need a fleece for walking outdoors and for the start of your gym session before you warm up. Fat Woman has a lovely fleece from Lands End. It is warm and soft and much, much nicer than the £5 fleece she got in the Ann Harvey sale. Lands End also do other gym wear, but their fleeces need a special "good value" mention.

If you are a fat woman who shops for clothes on the Internet you will have found that Simply Be/Ambrose Wilson/JD Williams/Fifty Plus and at least another dozen sites all have the same products. So far as Fat Woman can tell this is a clever marketing ploy as all the prices seem to be the same across the board. Some sites do have different ranges, but the basics such as stretchy trousers for gym wear are all the same. Fat Woman likes the large choice and the budget prices.

Fat Women bought so many t-shirts in Evans over the years she will never need another one. Fat Woman used to get more of her clothes from Ann Harvey but she is annoyed that her local branch stopped stocking size 30.

An honourable mention must got  to Yours. Prices are cheap, high street stores stock large sizes.

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