Monday, 5 March 2012

Fat Woman is unfaithful

Today Fat Woman was unfaithful to Personal Trainer.

Personal Trainer is somewhere in Austria enjoying fresh snow and a week off. Fat Woman had intended to wait for Personal Trainer, but she couldn't bear it, even for a week. Despite Personal Trainer being away for one session and despite him training Fat Woman the day before he left, Fat Woman sought training with another man. Yes, Fat Woman trained with a colleague of Personal Trainer's in the same place where she trains with Personal Trainer. They even used some of the same equipment and trained at Personal Trainer's usual time to see Fat Woman. Other colleagues of Personal Trainer's saw them. Fat Woman was brazenly training with the man usually referred to as Swimming Coach. Fat Woman wanted his attention and she took it.

Fat Woman has no excuse to offer for her inability to wait other than that she is trying to form a habit and didn't want to break the pattern at this early stage. Fat Woman thought this would justify her infidelity. Personal Trainer knew that Fat Woman had a relationship with Swimming Coach and that this might happen. Fat Woman felt that if Personal Trainer isn't there for her she is entitled to seek support from other sources. Fat Woman had any number of justifications for her little venture.

Like many of those who participate in activities outside their relationship, Fat Woman now appreciates Personal Trainer a bit more. Perhaps she had been taken him for granted. Certainly Personal Trainer never made Fat Woman do 300 squats/wall presses/leg presses/squat combinations in a single hour. Swimming Coach may have presented Fat Woman with a professional looking plan on headed paper and he may have bought her a cup of white tea after their session, but Fat Woman knows that these are simply trappings.

This afternoon Fat Woman went back to bed to think about what she had done. Fat Woman has resolved to work harder in sessions with Personal Trainer. Fat Woman hopes that her relationship with Personal Trainer will be freshened by her little sojurn with another.

Fat Woman is now paying for the fun she had with another through severe thigh ache.

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