Friday, 28 September 2012

Fat Woman and the pit stop

Fat Woman is trying to think of reasons to keep going with her hard work. Right now, Fat Woman isn't feeling so in love with a healthy lifestyle. When Fat Woman had an unhealthy lifestyle she got to enjoy a lot of the things she is starting to miss. Rich food, throwing dinner parties, reading any kind of fiction, playing match three computer games, meeting friends for lunch in the pub.

Now though Fat Woman doesn't feel the same way about the things she used to enjoy. So on a day when Fat Woman has absolutely no drive left she is trusting to habit and routine to get her through. And Personal Trainer of course. Fat Woman had enough mental faculty to book an extra session to make up for missing BoxFit this evening. There is absolutely no way Fat Woman would have moved herself along to the gym on her own. Certainly Fat Woman doesn't want a repeat of yesterday and if she is less intrinsically motivated when she is low then she must use the resource available to her.

Fat Woman has been building a healthy lifestyle. Now is the time to find out if it is well built or simply a wobbly cardboard set.

Fat Woman really hopes that how she feels is a temporary thing.

Update: Fifteen minutes into a really hard padwork session with Personal Trainer Fat Woman felt a lot better. Fat Woman has never before so obviously felt the mood-lifting effects of exercise. Fat Woman is kicking herself that she didn't go for the swim the day before.

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