Friday, 14 September 2012

Fat Woman goes driving

Fat Woman was having a really bad week. Fat Woman was so sleep deprived that she was seven minutes late to a training session, which has never happened before.

Fat Woman warned Personal Trainer not to tease her because she was too strung out to handle it. Personal Trainer declared that he never teases Fat Woman, which was in itself a tease, or possibly a whopping great fib. Fat Woman didn't even bother to point out how ridiculous this statement was, just rolled her eyes.

Fat Woman's eyes are possibly the most exercised part of her in the gym. Personal Trainer makes Fat Woman roll her eyes or raise them to heaven more times than he makes her clean and press a kettlebell.

Personal Trainer's new gym has nice, Olympic standard kettlebells. Fat Woman's only problem is that the 8kg ones are pale pink. Fat Woman is allergic to pale pink gym equipment. Personal Trainer wears baby pink, but he is a big tough lad and his baby pink watch is nattily ironic. Fat Woman thinks that baby pink makes her look ridiculous, as though she is delusional enough to think that actually she is an itty bitty delicate ickle thing.

Personal Trainer offered to get the boxing belt out of the car so Fat Woman could punch him. Fat Woman thought this extraordinarily kind of Personal Trainer, but declined on the grounds that although she doesn't hurt him much she does hurt him a bit, and that rather took the fun out of it for her.

Personal Trainer announced he was going to the driving range after training. Personal Trainer turned to Fat Woman and said: "Have you got your clubs?" When Fat Woman said she had got her clubs Personal Trainer had to take her with him.

Personal Trainer has a full set of professional standard clubs. Fat Woman has four clubs. Personal Trainer didn't laugh, which was nice of him.

Fat Woman has recently learnt to play golf. Fat Woman needs to learn a lot more. Fat Woman had developed some bad habits since her introductory lesson, but after a couple of helpful tips from Personal Trainer she was at least hitting straight balls again. It also helped that Personal Trainer eventually showed her how to change the tee size.

Personal Trainer took his number one wood and hit some balls out of the driving range. After the fourth ball that neither Personal Trainer or Fat Woman saw come down they agreed it was time he switched clubs. This meant that Personal Trainer was making the balls travel over 300m.

Fat Woman didn't manage a hundred metres. Fat Woman thinks this is annoying because she did much better on the golf course.

Fat Woman was very cheered up after hitting fifty golf balls and thinks it was very nice of Personal Trainer to let her tag along.  Fat Woman has declared non-shooting Wednesdays to be driving range days and is looking forward to playing with her new 3 wood.

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