Monday, 24 September 2012

Fat Woman and the outside influence

Fat Woman is still going to BoxFit on Friday night even though Tiny Friend doesn't go any more and Personal Trainer doesn't teach the class. The new teacher is Big D PT. Fat Woman is pleased about this because Big D PT is a good teacher and plans his classes properly and it was very nearly Buddy who does not plan his classes.

Friday evening's BoxFit class was based on technique. The technique shown was to punch with the left, return to guard, punch with the right and return to guard. This was shown with jabs, high hooks, low hooks and uppercuts.

Fat Woman checked several times with Big D PT that she was doing it correctly because no one else seemed to be doing what they were told. Everyone else would start from guard, punch left-right, then bring left then right hand back to guard - as Fat Woman would do normally. Fat Woman assumed that this technique was what proper boxers did and that she was just too slow to do it properly.

Personal Trainer was deeply unimpressed with Fat Woman's new technique and told her to (a) stop it immediately and (b) if Big D PT tells her to do anything like that again to ignore it. When Fat Woman protested Personal Trainer asked her if she wanted to be Teacher's Pet. Fat Woman pointed out that she was the teacher's pet in Friday night BoxFit and that Personal Trainer trained her, and it wasn't her fault that the teacher changed.

Fat Woman thinks Personal Trainer was more annoyed than he let on because he decided it was the time to start making Fat Woman defend herself. Fat Woman had got used to Personal Trainer smacking her on the elbow with a pad, but hadn't expect him to start going for the ribs.

Fat Woman pointed out that for her to learn something she needs to be taught it. Personal Trainer said that learning through failure is very effective. Fat Woman is certainly never going to forget that if some idiot is about to slap you on the ribs with a pad that you can lean down to block them.

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