Saturday, 1 September 2012

Fat Woman is FitFluential Q1

Q1: Did you set any fitness or health goals for 2012? What? How did it go?

I set myself the goal of becoming fit. I wanted to be able to move, to walk without panting, to be able to keep up with my friends. I wanted to become a person who wasn't regarded as practically disabled. Most of all, I wanted to get control of my body and avoid weightloss surgery.

Q2: Do you have a fitness-related goal for the rest of the year? What is it?
Q3: Who has goals related to healthy eating?
Q4: Long term goals? What’s on your #FitnessBucketList?
Q5: Do you share your goals with others for accountability?
Q6: How often do you set / evaluate your goals?
Q7: How do you reward yourself for meeting specific goals (short term or long term)?
Q8: What sorts of obstacles have been thrown in your way?
Q9: How do you overcome the challenges that arise during your pursuit of goals?
Q10: What is your proudest fitness-related achievement so far this year?

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