Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Fat Woman and the short shorts

Fat Woman and Personal Trainer were doing half an hour of pad work. Fat Woman likes doing pad work, even if it should be one word instead of two. "Padwork" is so much better to Fat Woman's ears. Fat Woman loves this incredible form of cardio that doesn't involve her hammering on to her knee joints, giving her compressed cartilage.

Thirty minutes of boxing is a long time for Fat Woman. Personal Trainer was letting Fat Woman have little rests at the end of every round. Fat Woman and Personal Trainer were chatting about personal stuff during rest time. Personal Trainer was doing most of the talking and when Fat Woman recovered her breath enough to join in the conversation it would be time for the next round.

Thin Husband is thinking of adopting this conversational technique.

Fat Woman had seen Buddy the previous day. Buddy misses Personal Trainer but is doing his best to come to terms with the loss and fill the gap in his life with new people. Fat Woman suspects these people are ladies rather than training partners, but that's none of her beeswax. Young people are allowed to enjoy themselves,

Buddy is working hard at preparing for his 21st birthday trip with his boys at the end of the month and his efforts are starting to pay off. Buddy was working the short shorts so successfully that Fat Woman told him that she was going to tell Personal Trainer that Buddy had beaten him on the short shorts front this month. Personal Trainer had been claiming dominance over other trainers in the short shorts stake earlier in the week.

Buddy asked Fat Woman if she liked his new shorts. Fat Woman assured him she thought that the black shorts with the retro white stripes were very stylish.

Eventually Fat Woman took pity on Buddy and told him that not only were the shorts lovely, he looked very lovely in them. Buddy was very pleased.

Personal Trainer claims they were his shorts first. Apparently Buddy begged for those shorts. Fat Woman thinks that Buddy's longer legs might have contributed to a more impressive effect as she certainly never particularly noticed Personal Trainer wearing the short shorts. Fat Woman regards Buddy as an extension of Personal Trainer i.e. as a child, so was surprised she noticed Buddy looking different at all.

Fat Woman thinks it was probably Buddy's fake tan and leg wax that contributed to the overall impressiveness. Fat Woman wouldn't want anyone thinking she is going around staring at the legs of young men. Fat Woman really isn't. And definitely not Buddy's legs.

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